Week 6 &7: What is in a name?

This has been an exciting week for our family—our baby turned 11!  She is our firstborn…our biggest surprise.  I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE TURNED 11!


And, to be honest, one of my favorite parts about having children is getting to NAME them!

I think I would easily have 10 children—just so I could keep using some of my favorite names (sing to Favorite Things, Sound of Music)…

But, at the time of our announcement of her, we only had 1 to start.  And one BIG JOB ahead of us.  Not the nursery.  Not the birthing classes.  JUST THE NAME!

Of course, before we found out if she was a boy or girl, we had @16+ weeks to come up with boy and girl names.


My husband…completely sure he was going to have a boy…looked at me with WIDE eyes and said, “What am I going to do with a girl????!!!”

I looked back with equally big eyes, because finding out boy or girl is always such a fun moment anyway (and truly you never know what you’re going to do with a tiny human anyway), and said, “I DON’T KNOW…I guess the same thing you do with a boy???”

This seemed to satisfy my husband.  So, he relaxed and WE CELEBRATED…The upcoming birth of our DAUGHTER!

And with the announcement of “It’s a GIRL” impending, we decided to start thinking about girl names.

These made the final cut:

Heidi (because it’s my middle name, and my husband loves it:  Brooke Heidi)

Tosha (after my sister’s middle name:  Darby Tosha)

Natalia (because of Condorman—yes, the movie.  My husband has always loved the name)

Abigail (another husband favorite)

and Adeline (which later turned into Adelyne—because Richard liked the look of the Y instead of the I)

The middle name was an easy one for me, “Little Toots,” as in Tootsie.  I actually don’t ever even remember discussing the middle name—It would always be after my last-living grandma (now deceased 2014).  Marguerite.  Her name was Marguerite Florence Sisson Ham, but we always called her Tootsie!

Fun fact, did you know Maya Angelou was actually born Marguerite?

Now, all we had to do was put a first name to the middle name.  And, so I asked my husband, which name do you choose?

He announced:  Adelyne.  So there we had it…upcoming would be our little Adelyne Marguerite!

Our honorable/noble (Adelyne) precious pearl (Marguerite)!

And the minute it was spoken, her name was imprinted upon our hearts.  She would forevermore be our precious Adelyne Marguerite, our Sweet Cheeks, our Little Toots…AKA Ada in her Polish school and life.

And I can’t imagine her as ANYBODY else, even though she has many names.

God—our Father, our Creator, our Alpha and Omega…He, too, has many names. Today, I encourage you to sit with your children and have a little fun.  Let the names of God be imprinted upon your hearts!

Share with them the fun names you thought of for them before you even knew them.  Maybe you also have a few fun stories to share…

And then spend a moment going over the fact that while their names were chosen for X Y & Z reasons, God, has many names for many AMAZING reasons!

Click here first to discover many amazing names of God, such as:

Elohim: The plural form of EL, meaning “strong one.” It is used of false gods, but when used of the true God, it is a plural of majesty and intimates the trinity. It is especially used of God’s sovereignty, creative work, mighty work for Israel and in relation to His sovereignty (Isa. 54:5Jer. 32:27Gen. 1:1Isa. 45:18Deut. 5:23; 8:15Ps. 68:7).


Yahweh Nissi:“The Lord is my Banner.” Stresses that God is our rallying point and our means of victory; the one who fights for His people (Ex. 17:15).

It is a brilliant page that goes over the wonderful names of God:  Names of God

And then wrap up all of the learning with a lot of fun (there is even a link to Valentine’s fun in there, too):  Names of God heart link family fun

Needless to say, ever since our little Toots was born, our Adelyne Marguerite, her daddy has adventured with her around the world—not raising her as a boy—raising her as his adventurous daughter!  Africa, Asia, Europe, North America—she has traversed them, yet the rest of the world still remains at the fingertips for our Noble Pearl…

And, since her, we’ve been blessed to be pregnant 3 more times:

Baby Sam (lost in 1st trimester miscarriage) given the name for the promise made to Hannah in the Bible

Maxwell Loren :  our miracle fighter overcoming a premature birth, congestive heart failure, and a coma survivor!  Named after two great grandfathers and his daddy.

Lastly, Josephine Diane:  named after her very own Nana…my mom.  The woman that has shown the world the most grace and love I have ever seen.  A true woman of our loving God.

For all of our and your priceless treasures out there, let us celebrate who they are and the God that made them, giving them lovingly into our care.

Oh…and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Always in His graceful grip,

Brooke Heidi

(AKA Missions 52 Mom)

family favorite photo.jpg

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